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Why Use Heart&Soul Matchmaking?

  • Expertise: You hire professionals to help in other areas of your life, so why not hire a professional to help in this very important area of your life, too?
  • Objectivity: We make a non-judgmental assessment with your criteria in mind and only present qualified candidates.
  • Contacts: We know where to find the most qualified matches for you.
  • Confidentiality: No one will ever know we made the introduction…unless you tell!      
  • Personal Service: After we spend time getting to know you, just give us your “shopping list,” put your feet up and let us take the wheel for awhile.
  • Relationship Readiness: We find serious, commitment-minded candidates who meet your relationship requirements.
  • Screening: We meet and qualify every candidate prior to making an introduction.
  • Valuable Feedback: We get timely feedback after your dates and share it with you so you really know what your date thought about the meet.

Ready to
meet your match?

How Matchmaking Works

Hiring a matchmaker allows you to relax knowing that someone with expertise and contacts is working behind the scenes to find your perfect match. Some matchmaking services only utilize their client database to make introductions. While we have an extensive database and use it, we know that your perfect match may not be in our database; in fact, they could be anywhere. It’s our job to recognize potential candidates for you, and then do our due diligence to discover whether they can meet your qualifications and be a candidate for you. We don’t want you to settle for “good enough”… we want to find an exceptional match for you.

As a boutique matchmaking service, our goal is to provide exceptional personal service, which means that we only work with a small number of clients at any given time.


Sheryl Spangler, Founder

Sheryl Spangler is the Founder and President of Heart&Soul Matchmaking, Inc.

She is passionate about helping singles find healthy, loving and lasting relationships. As an executive relationship coach, certified DISC consultant, and professional matchmaker, Sheryl believes that finding your ideal partner is one of life’s greatest joys. Using skills she learned during years of corporate recruiting and coaching, Sheryl works closely with singles to help take the anxiety and guesswork out of the dating process and understand how men and women relate.

Sheryl’s unique approach is based on providing sound personalized guidance throughout the journey to help you avoid common relationship traps and derailments. With numerous successful outcomes to her credit, she helps you find your perfect match but more importantly makes certain you are “ready to be found.” Whether that is through helping redefine your ideal mate, overcoming preconceptions or learning lessons from past relationships, Sheryl will help you lay the groundwork for finding your life partner.

If you are serious about finding your life partner, contact Sheryl at Heart&Soul Matchmaking. You have so much happiness to gain!